Board Members

To oversee and manage our facilities and neighborhood activities, we have the Terwilligers Run Homeowners Association.  Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
Following board members were elected or re-elected at the 2021 Annual meeting:
Michael Bruns
Dan Nesbitt
Dan Schraffenberger
Board Members 2021-2022 
Bill Casler                  (President)
Dan Nesbitt               (Vice President)
Michael Bruns          (Treasurer)
Dan Baum
Michael Kosky
Dan Schraffenberger (Secretary)
*At the board meeting following the annual meeting, Bill, Dan, Mike and Dan  accepted their roles as president, vice-president, and treasurer, and secretary respectively
Green Areas Fund Committee – GAF (for landscaping)
Chair: Bill Casler
Members: All board members
Social Committee
Chair: Kelly Bruns
Members: Looking for members!
Design Review Committee
Members: All board members