Annual Assessment is $160.00.  Assessment is charged as of January 1 of each year and due by March 31.  A $25.00 late fee is added to unpaid balances on April 1.  An additional $25.00 late fee is added to unpaid balances on May 1.  A lien will be placed on all properties that have not submitted payment by June 1. The lien will be lifted only after the assessment, all late fees, and associated legal fees have be paid.
Annual dues can be paid by check or money order by sending payment to:

Terwilligers Run HOA
P.O. Box 498751
Cincinnati, OH 45249
Attention: Treasurer


Pay your 2020 Annual Assessment and Late Fee using PayPal

2020 Annual Assessment of $160.00 + $25.00 Late Fee + $5.83 PayPal fees